About Us

Our Mission:

Passion Wellness Trenz allows peak performance so you glow up from the inside out. We revive, restore, re-energize & revitalize your body with natural herbs.


Passion Wellness Trenz offers an array of optimizing detox to aid your system in purging and ridding the body of toxins by flushing the lymphatic system.  I also do proprietary blends that target specific ailments.


We create our products to help a multitude of customers such as:

1. People working numerous jobs. (energy & focus)  

2. people suffering from depression. (enhanced mood)

3. People that smokes and drinks regularly (complete daily detox, blood purifier, lymphatic flush, ridding the body of toxins daily)

4.  People with knee issues, inflammation in their body. (reduction /elimination of inflammation)

5. Sexual pleasures, or ED

6. Mucus /head cold (removal of toxins and mucus from the body).

If you are not sure our products can help your situation, send us a message on our Contact Page!


Meet Our Founder:

I am a Jamaican Native when I was growing up.  I had many Rastafarian friends and they're 100% about herbal roots tonic and natural herbs from the soil for health and wealth. I notice that even well into older age these men and women were stronger and healthy than individuals much younger than them.

I ask them to teach me and indeed they did. My herbal knowledge is expansive, yet I still have so much to learn, because one should never feel they know it all.  I have proven for myself the efficacy of natural roots and herbs for good health,  and I have incorporated this lifestyle into my life permanently.