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Wellness Blend

Wellness Blend

The Wellness blend line is a Niche herbal line offering an holistic... 

Passion Blend

Passion Blend

The passion blend line uses erotic herbs that heightens and  increases erotic ... 

Try our new Body Tonic & Blood Purifier!

Body tonic & blood purifier detoxifies the blood and body of toxins. It also protects the liver, aides in stabilizing your blood sugar and cleanses the glands.

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  • I loved the taste and it made me feel really mellow and I also was feeling sexual as well.

    - Thyrealme_reece on IG 
  • I was totally satisfied and happy with your product.....

    I will be using your product again for sure.

    - Artist_talib from IG 
  • I can honestly say how amazing the passion punch (Wellness Optimal Blend) works for me.

    I immediately gain a burst of energy, pain decrease in addition to a vibrant skin tone #NoRegrets

    - Collette Newby on Facebook 
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